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21st Century Tea

The future is going to take some getting used to. Remember Star Trek, how they went to a machine in the wall to get their drinks? Well, one cold morning, I took my large mug to the break room and … Continue reading

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Just Keep Swimming

I love travelling. I love Christmas. But somehow, when we got back from our Christmas in Wales, I found myself with mountains of laundry left over from, not one, but two vacations, Christmas decorations that needed putting away, suitcases that … Continue reading

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Real-Life Tinkerbell

Have you seen Tinkerbell, the movie? I wasn’t big on the old Tinkerbell — the jealous little pixie who betrayed Wendy. But this new story is one I can truly relate to.  Just watch Fixing Spring on the movie’s website.  … Continue reading

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Show Them You’re Wonderful

“Will you look at my resumé ?” “Sure.  Just send it over.” It’s that season.  Layoffs are happening all over the place.  Seems like every other message on LinkedIn is somebody looking for a job.  Folks lucky enough to be … Continue reading

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Growing Up

What do I want to be when I grow up? That’s a tricky question, since, in real life, I have grown up. I’ve got an advanced degree, a senior level job, a spouse, a child, and some grey hair and … Continue reading

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The Nightly News

“Come in here!” “What is it?” “I don’t want you watching the news.” “But Granma and Grandad are watching.” “I know, but I don’t want you to watch.” “But why?” “Because they show lots of bad things on the news.” “But … Continue reading

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