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Reading the Bible

In “I Don’t Believe You” , I said that you need some additional scholarship or doctrinal interpretation to use The Bible as an Authority. Imagine my delight this evening, when I found one of my favorite bloggers, A Guy in … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe You

I don’t believe you. You don’t like hearing those words. Nobody does. You want to be believed. You want me to come to the same conclusions you have, to do whatever it is you think is best. So you need … Continue reading

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The E-mail Blues

I remember when I used to look forward to getting e-mail. Way back when, when the addresses weren’t simple. When you had to know the exact path from your server, across several others, to the server where your friend or … Continue reading

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Needing to end the day with something a little more light-hearted than my last post, I’ve decided to play Tag, accepting the invitation from Chuck Blanchard. The rules are: The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each … Continue reading

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Three Women

I came of age during the women’s movement in the 70’s and early 80’s, and learned of glass ceilings and male chauvinist pigs. I learned that women were paid 69 cents for every dollar that a man was paid. But … Continue reading

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Blogs for Balance

I love listening to public radio.  Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, Marketplace, BBC World Service, City Arts and Lectures, The California Report — they’re all great shows.  I learn an awful lot.  But… There’s only so much airtime.  There are … Continue reading

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A Political Pick-me-up

Over on my Obama blog, I respond to anti-Obama e-mail campaign messages.  I slog through the original e-mail’s points, countering each with my own view.  For a while it was discouraging — as soon as I finished one, my inbox … Continue reading

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