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I haven’t read the Bible cover to cover.  It’s a recommended practice for Christians, I know, but I’ve trusted that the lectionary for Sunday readings and a good church attendance habit would give me all the best bits. (In my … Continue reading

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I Can’t Sleep

“I can’t sleep.” “Why?” “It’s stress. I’m worried about everything.” There was no time to talk more. But I promised to think about it. Not sleeping is bad. Sleep Thieves had me convinced years ago. I know my own price … Continue reading

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An Optimist, Off-Leash

I went off-leash tonight. My apologies to those who worried about me or tried to reach me. I had permission to go to dinner, but I was pronounced “in the doghouse” when I returned. (Responsible adults aren’t supposed to leave … Continue reading

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Saints and Heroes

My child knows about superheroes, but doesn’t know about saints. I know some European saints, but would be hardpressed to name any European heroes other than Beowulf. Or Indian gods other than Krishna. How limited our cultural understanding is, when … Continue reading

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Three Women

I came of age during the women’s movement in the 70’s and early 80’s, and learned of glass ceilings and male chauvinist pigs. I learned that women were paid 69 cents for every dollar that a man was paid. But … Continue reading

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From Stitching to Sudan

Modern quilting techniques are alot like global warming solutions.  Both consist of creating optimal solutions for a set of constraints.   In quilting, good techniques have these characteristics: minimal wasted thread and fabric less time to complete the task easy to master beauty and/or … Continue reading

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Immigration, American Style

There goes my inbox again.  This time it’s a short quip on the state of California.  Intended to be funny, I assume.  It pokes fun at the state of our budget, plastic surgery, our gay community, our energy crisis, our Spanish-speaking (often bi-lingual) … Continue reading

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