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The Thank You Note

“Do you remember your baptism?” the sermon began. Like many of you, I was a baby, and I do not. “Do you remember the five promises made by you, or on your behalf, at baptism?” I thought I recalled something … Continue reading

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Red Means Stop

Stop. You missed the green light. You’re first in line in the left-hand turn lane. Look left. There’s another human being on the median. With a cardboard sign. HELP. Or some derivation thereof. Reach in your wallet. Pull out some … Continue reading

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A Voice from the Hungry Mob

Are your people hungry? Are you giving them what they need, to feel fed and nourished? I am not talking about starvation. Charities like Food for the Poor and World Vision are feeding the starving. I am not talking about … Continue reading

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Christmas in Wales

Christmas in Wales sounds very romantic to my American friends and family. And it is. Once you get used to the cold, cloudy days. I celebrated yesterday’s dry afternoon beachcombing Penarth’s stony beach, and today’s afternoon sunshine with a walk … Continue reading

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I Beg to Differ

In a Coloradan article, I found this thought-provoking quote from Dr. Janice Peck: “The triumph of this kind of thinking [neoliberalism] is that we now imagine all problems can be solved by the marketplace or the individual. Problem with water … Continue reading

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The Story of a Sign

My father has forwarded many wonderful videos to me, but this one was particularly special: Next time someone dressed better than you, someone with marketing or sales in their title, is driving you up the wall, remember this video. … Continue reading

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Energy Lessons

I spent $99.60 on a tank of diesel today.    It was the lab exercise for today’s lessons on energy.  Let’s start with a review. Long time ago, in South Carolina, I learned that energy bills went up in the summer.  We all … Continue reading

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