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Damn the Torpedoes!

“Just do it!” “But if we do, then …” “No buts! Just do it!” Sound familiar? The “Just do it!” speaker is someone who doesn’t want to hear the difficulties, the downsides, the risks, the inconvenient facts, or the problems, … Continue reading

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Islam vs. America

Did you think me naive to support the Muslims’ prayer in Washington? Some did, I’m sure. I can imagine a feminist shaking her head. “Do women in burkas mean nothing to you?” I can imagine a peace-loving man shaking his … Continue reading

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Apologies are for Wusses

“I’m sorry…” Would you STOP apologizing? I’m not just talking to tech novices out there. Folks in high-tech, especially women, do it too. A fully-grown adult will begin an on-the-mark criticism or question with an apology. “I’m sorry…” Those two … Continue reading

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Cocktails and Blogrolls

I remember my first cocktail party as an adult. I was home from college at Duke. My grandparents had been invited to a cocktail party, and I was invited to come. Wow! I must be a real adult now. So … Continue reading

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Being Heard

Taxation without representation was a big deal in the 1760’s and 1770’s. American colonists didn’t have a voice in Parliament. So they fought a war for independence, and created a government they liked better. Having a voice is still important. … Continue reading

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The Internet Communication Divide

“I don’t go on the Internet. I read!’ “Message board… is that a blog?” “No, I think it’s a chat room.” “If all the information is on a website, I guess we’ll have to get more computer savvy.” Yes, these … Continue reading

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Run Away!

“Run Away! Run Away!” the knights in Monty Python’s Holy Grail shout, as they flee from killer rabbits and cow bombardment. Wise action in the face of deadly adversity. But too often I have found that my gut response to … Continue reading

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