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The Pasta Lesson

Our bishop’s husband died recently. She‘s a widow now, and I think about what she’ll be going through. There will be the nights when she wakes up, and he’s not there. There will be times when she thinks, “Oh, he … Continue reading

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Terrorist Attacks by Muslims – A Prayer for Peace

A long list of past terrorist attacks by Muslims against the West is circulating these days. I’m reminded that there are extremists out there who consider the West their enemy, and I’m saddened by the righteous rage it incites in … Continue reading

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Souvenir from Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor memorial was moving.  The story was familiar, but the images were still intense.  My daughter didn’t want to go to Pearl Harbor.  “But you need to see it.  It’s an important part of history.”  “I know the … Continue reading

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Chiropractor of the Spirit

The human body is an amazing machine.  It is designed to heal itself, with antibodies and fevers and pain and swelling all part of a master design.  With these tools, and more that I don’t know or recall, it can … Continue reading

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Lantern Carrier’s Lament

I’m standing on a path in the darkness, holding up a lantern so that others on the path can see a little better and perhaps not stumble as they move from one place to the next. My light only reaches … Continue reading

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Food for the Soul

I wasn’t having a very good day. It was work. It was my health. My usual Teflon self-confidence was AWOL. So when my noon meeting ended, I pushed back from the keyboard and headed out the door. A little comfort … Continue reading

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Office Generosity

Ever stopped to think about the everyday gifts from your colleagues?  Yes, cards and wine and flowers are appreciated, but it’s the everyday gifts that make a big difference. Cheerful greetings and thank yous lift your mood, and inspire you … Continue reading

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