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Feeling Blue?

Feeling blue?  Here are a few tips from a seasoned survivor of many bouts with the blues.  The keys are in the word: B-L-U-E. B stands for Baby.  Your inner baby is crying, so ask usual questions: Are you hungry?  … Continue reading

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Post-Op: The Lists

My foot surgery was months ago now, and as my mobility improves, things that were important in those early weeks after post-op will soon be dismantled or forgotten.  I learned so much before my operation, as I talked to folks … Continue reading

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Feeling It

I don’t like to feel angry.  Or irritated. Or distraught.  Or indignant.  Or defensive.  Or threatened.  Or offended.  Or afraid.  And yet, it seems almost impossible to avoid negative feelings these days.  There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.  I can filter … Continue reading

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A Comfort Food Phoenix

I made chicken pot pie tonight — a family favorite — and Andy took a pic for Facebook. A few friends asked for the recipe, so I figured I’d post it on the website. But since it’s my recipe, I’m … Continue reading

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Game Plan for 2010

Are you one of the gajillion people who vowed to lose weight this year? I’m not. I got started last year, and am still at it, making decent progress little by little. Even though I’m doing well, I enjoy reading … Continue reading

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Habits to Make

How long is your wishlist of habits? Not the habits you want to break, the ones you want to make. How many of them are suspiciously like the New Year’s resolutions you’ve been making for years? And will make again … Continue reading

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My NASA Connection

My sister works for NASA. Okay, not really for NASA. She’s employed by a NASA contractor. But she does get to work with the astronauts, and she’s plugged into the shuttle launch schedules. Those are her work deadlines. (Way cool, … Continue reading

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