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Just Keep Swimming

I love travelling. I love Christmas. But somehow, when we got back from our Christmas in Wales, I found myself with mountains of laundry left over from, not one, but two vacations, Christmas decorations that needed putting away, suitcases that … Continue reading

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Show Them You’re Wonderful

“Will you look at my resumé ?” “Sure.  Just send it over.” It’s that season.  Layoffs are happening all over the place.  Seems like every other message on LinkedIn is somebody looking for a job.  Folks lucky enough to be … Continue reading

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Keeping In Touch

It’s great having family and friends spread out — you get to see and do lots of interesting things when you go for a visit.  This trip we’ve been ice skating outdoors, visited a big coal mine, enjoyed a pantomime … Continue reading

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Cranberry-Orange Relish

Happiness is a turkey sandwich with cranberry-orange relish. Grate a tablespoon of rind from a navel orange.  Peel and section the orange.  Grate the sections with 12 ounces of fresh cranberries in your food processor.  Stir in the grated orange … Continue reading

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Circle the Wagons

“I’m afraid I might lose my job. Can you give me some advice?” Sure. I’m happy to give you some advice. I suggest you do these things: Get your financial house in order. Don’t commit to monthly payments or big … Continue reading

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I Can’t Sleep

“I can’t sleep.” “Why?” “It’s stress. I’m worried about everything.” There was no time to talk more. But I promised to think about it. Not sleeping is bad. Sleep Thieves had me convinced years ago. I know my own price … Continue reading

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Clutter Narcosis

In PADI Advanced Certification years ago, our dive master took us down around 100 feet deep, so that we could learn how nitrogen narcosis would affect us.  I got one version:  a nearby tobaccofish seemed fascinating to me.   In that state, I would … Continue reading

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