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Facebook Changed, So I Did Too

I used to enjoy visiting to Facebook, to see what my friends were up to.  I’d see pictures of their kids, their pets, their vacation spots — and the occasional news article, opinion piece, or quote that they found interesting or inspiring. … Continue reading

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21st Century Citizenship

I read an article this morning that bemoaned the increasing distrust Americans have of the news media.  At first, this seems scary.  We as a nation have relied on Freedom of the Press for decades, relying on the news to … Continue reading

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The Dark Side

Anyone familiar with the Star Wars series will tell you that The Force has a dark side. The Force, for me, is the connectivity of the Internet, the way it brings people together, provides an outlet for news that might … Continue reading

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Whenever I See Your Smiling Face

My daughter hadn’t seen my daddy, Grandpapi, for over a year. In the last two days, they’ve had two short visits — two video calls between South Carolina and California — for FREE — on Skype. For those first calls, … Continue reading

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Cocktails and Blogrolls

I remember my first cocktail party as an adult. I was home from college at Duke. My grandparents had been invited to a cocktail party, and I was invited to come. Wow! I must be a real adult now. So … Continue reading

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Could You Repeat That, Please?

I remember taking two assembly language classes in college with a professor from India. Dr. Gupta had a great sense of humor, but most of my classmates didn’t realize it at first. They were too busy trying to decipher his … Continue reading

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My NASA Connection

My sister works for NASA. Okay, not really for NASA. She’s employed by a NASA contractor. But she does get to work with the astronauts, and she’s plugged into the shuttle launch schedules. Those are her work deadlines. (Way cool, … Continue reading

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