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Heartbreak on the Ballot

I’ve never witnessed a gay marriage.  But tonight the memories of many gay couples drift through my mind.  Couples who opened their homes to their friends, and counted me among them.  Couples who broke up, as so many mismatched couples … Continue reading

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All In Favor

Driving home the other day, a bunch of people had put up signs on a pedestrian overpass across an 8-lane freeway.  They were waving at the traffic, which had slowed to a crawl to read the signs, “Yes on Prop … Continue reading

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A Better Future

Everybody’s talking about the Great Depression these days. The trouble is, it’s not easy to tell when someone is raising the specter of the past to mobilize with fear, or reminding us of a history lesson, so we can build … Continue reading

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The Amex Bill

The House Account works great for all those regular bills.  With a little thought it can even handle seasonal bills.  With a little fudge-factor, it can handle bills that vary within a range, like cellphone bills.  But what about groceries? And eating … Continue reading

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The House Account

He didn’t keep a check register.  He phoned the bank to get his balance.  He wanted to live the high life, everything first class.  He wanted a new car every year, more or less. She kept Quicken up-to-date, even the … Continue reading

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