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Platform Plank: The Economy

What would my ideal party would say about fiscal policy? It’s really simple: pay the bills, and invest the taxpayer dollars wisely, with appropriate research and debate. If you have time for more than a sound bite, read on. Pay … Continue reading

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California 2010 – a Tea Party victory

Did you see the Tea Party victory in yesterday’s California election results? Or did you think all those Democrat wins in California were a sign that we’re completely out of touch with the rest of America? Take a closer look. … Continue reading

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Sweetness on the Side

I remember my first taste of pure maple syrup. I was on a brunch date as an undergrad, at the Basil Pot in Columbia, South Carolina. I remember I ran out of syrup, and had to ask for more. Did … Continue reading

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Red Means Stop

Stop. You missed the green light. You’re first in line in the left-hand turn lane. Look left. There’s another human being on the median. With a cardboard sign. HELP. Or some derivation thereof. Reach in your wallet. Pull out some … Continue reading

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QA in my Blood

Folks who test software are called “QA” in my corner of the world. QA. Quality Assurance. They’re meant to assure that the software has some acceptable level of quality before it ships. The definition of “acceptable” varies, depending on the … Continue reading

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Season of Debate

It’s the season of debate. In the paper mail, I got a cool Republican Party membership drive letter, disguised as survey. What do I think about taxes, bailouts, health care, welfare, and such? I agreed with many of their anti-Democrat … Continue reading

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Islam vs. America

Did you think me naive to support the Muslims’ prayer in Washington? Some did, I’m sure. I can imagine a feminist shaking her head. “Do women in burkas mean nothing to you?” I can imagine a peace-loving man shaking his … Continue reading

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