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Pokémon Wisdom

Ever watched a Pokémon show? Maybe you know someone who has a Pokémon card collection, or plays the Pokémon games on Nintendo? The TV show is a lighthearted adventure, with a group of kids and their Pokémon (non-human companions with … Continue reading

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You Have to Move

I have to move? But I don’t want to! Where am I going to go? Gee. Now I have to pack up all my stuff. I have to tell everyone I’m moving. But I liked it here. This was home. … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Crown’s

I start my day these days with a lovely green potion from Odwalla, called Original SUPERFOOD. It’s dark green. Slime green, according to my family. Ewwww is another popular description. It doesn’t taste green. It tastes like fruit. The bizarre … Continue reading

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Ten Bucks Can Buy Happiness

Okay, maybe not long-term happiness, but a few hours respite from the cares of the world. Last weekend, I boarded plane for a cross-country on American Airlines. Maybe I’d get a little shut-eye after my usual stint of journal-writing. But … Continue reading

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Just Keep Swimming

I love travelling. I love Christmas. But somehow, when we got back from our Christmas in Wales, I found myself with mountains of laundry left over from, not one, but two vacations, Christmas decorations that needed putting away, suitcases that … Continue reading

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Real-Life Tinkerbell

Have you seen Tinkerbell, the movie? I wasn’t big on the old Tinkerbell — the jealous little pixie who betrayed Wendy. But this new story is one I can truly relate to.  Just watch Fixing Spring on the movie’s website.  … Continue reading

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The Next Generation

I love Star Wars The Clone Wars.  I love sitting on the couch on a Friday night, enthralled with the new stories, alongside my daughter.   She wasn’t there, way back when the first movie came out, when we all ducked … Continue reading

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