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Raising A Storyteller

My daughter is a born storyteller, and has been since she was a toddler. While bedtime reading has been a tradition for years, these last few days I’ve exposed her to new forms of stories, beyond the wonderful short fiction … Continue reading

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A Life of Poetry

What’s the first poem that you remember hearing? Not a nursery rhyme, but a “real” poem, written by a named poet. For me, it could have been Odgen Nash’s Tale of Custard the Dragon, that I remember my mother reading: … Continue reading

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Battle for America’s Soul

Yes, indeed, there’s a prayer battle in Washington today. I heard about in on the way to work on Tuesday morning, and found an article off the radio station’s website. Terrific. Some Muslims want to show the nation their good … Continue reading

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Festival Freedom

I had a great time on Saturday down at the Spirit West Coast music festival. I’m an avid listener of KLOVE, a Christian music station, and I finally got down to Monterey to experience this annual event. I listened to … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t You Tell Me?!

It’s been that kind of week. It started with an apology from the very nice lady at my orthodontist’s office. She hadn’t told me I would have to wear a retainer for the rest of my life, when the braces … Continue reading

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Work and Art

I love to dance. I love live music. I don’t get enough of either. But some days, in the workplace, I can experience the performing arts. When collaborating one-on-one with a colleague. Move this way. Move that way. In step. … Continue reading

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Going to Jamaica

When I’m stressed I go to Jamaica. I’d used to go there for real. On vacation from the rat race, a boat would take us out to the reef so we could enjoy the beautiful fishes and corals and fans. … Continue reading

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