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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do you hear what I hear? Do you hear the same sermons? Do your spiritual advisers say what mine do? A Facebook friend posted a sermon snippet recently that I would never have heard in my church. I could quote … Continue reading

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Bad Guys

Have you noticed? Newtown, Connecticut is the new 9-11. A shocking, horrific tragedy. Innocent lives lost in a murderous act. Our Safety has been violated! What shall we do to Protect ourselves from the Bad Guys?!! In the wake of … Continue reading

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Toxic Reaction

I was enraged. Listening to NPR doesn’t usually have that effect. Political coverage is something I enjoy about election season. But not today. By the time my commute ended, I was livid. It started with a story of how Romney … Continue reading

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Citizenship Season

I’m looking forward to the upcoming election season. It promises to debate the role of government in the economy, health care, and world affairs — something we as a country have been arguing about from our beginning. I’m also looking … Continue reading

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Political Plank: Foreign Policy

This is the last in the brief series describing the political planks for the political party that I wished existed, that doesn’t. Yeah, three planks – family, economy, and foreign policy – isn’t much, but most other areas are going … Continue reading

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Platform Plank: The Economy

What would my ideal party would say about fiscal policy? It’s really simple: pay the bills, and invest the taxpayer dollars wisely, with appropriate research and debate. If you have time for more than a sound bite, read on. Pay … Continue reading

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Platform Plank: Family

My ideal political party would uphold the family as a fundamental unit of society, a basis of strength for society and the nation. Healthy families provide a safety net for individuals, a nursery for future citizens, and an engine for … Continue reading

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