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Silence wraps around me Shelter from the zoom Coming at me, inside me. I breathe I call the Name Who is my mantra. The Spirit rains A flood, a shower Washing thoughts away. I breathe I call the Name Who … Continue reading

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What Did I Miss?

It was hard to hear part of the sermon this morning. Someone was doing something noisy in the parish kitchen. It sounded like taking out the recycling, with lots of metal clanking. Just as it subsided, the minister concluded, and … Continue reading

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do you hear what I hear? Do you hear the same sermons? Do your spiritual advisers say what mine do? A Facebook friend posted a sermon snippet recently that I would never have heard in my church. I could quote … Continue reading

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Being Nice When They’re Not

I have to deal with some rude people in my line of work. They’re demanding. They want special treatment. They want extra explanations. “Please”, “thank you”, and “I know this is extra work for you but…” just aren’t the way … Continue reading

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Bad Guys

Have you noticed? Newtown, Connecticut is the new 9-11. A shocking, horrific tragedy. Innocent lives lost in a murderous act. Our Safety has been violated! What shall we do to Protect ourselves from the Bad Guys?!! In the wake of … Continue reading

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The Illumination of Candles

I love the flickering light from candles at a romantic dinner. I love the glow from the big three-wick candles we light in winter, and the candles of the angel chimes that tell us that Christmas is coming. On Sundays, … Continue reading

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Blown Away

Pornography, vandalism, and malice invaded my life this week. I was blown away, as shock and anger wrecked my usual equilibrium. First, a group of marauders assaulted a thriving online community of quilters. Rude comments on recently completed quilts were … Continue reading

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