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Feeling Blue?

Feeling blue?  Here are a few tips from a seasoned survivor of many bouts with the blues.  The keys are in the word: B-L-U-E. B stands for Baby.  Your inner baby is crying, so ask usual questions: Are you hungry?  … Continue reading

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Is this all there is?

Sitting on the bench in the Japanese garden, I was asked by a couple walking by, “Is this all there is?” I answered aloud, “Yes,” and silently, “Isn’t this enough?” Two acres of carefully designed and cared for garden on … Continue reading

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The Pasta Lesson

Our bishop’s husband died recently. She‘s a widow now, and I think about what she’ll be going through. There will be the nights when she wakes up, and he’s not there. There will be times when she thinks, “Oh, he … Continue reading

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The Peanut Butter Lessons

Peanut butter was a staple at our house growing up. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Peanut butter on saltine crackers. Marshmallows on peanut butter on saltines (no chocolate), baked in the oven for somemores on … Continue reading

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Our Adventure

Together we weather the worries of living the irritations of age furling our sails in each other’s arms. Yet favorable winds send us smiling and laughing, discovering, exploring, enjoying the treasure of sailing life’s passage together. Dedicated to my husband … Continue reading

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I am a Time Traveler

Yes, I am a time traveler. Picking a slice of history wasn’t easy, but a front row seat to the beginning of the technological age was irresistible.  I’m seeing personal computers, video, entertainment and communications evolve from clunky prototypes  into … Continue reading

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The Illumination of Candles

I love the flickering light from candles at a romantic dinner. I love the glow from the big three-wick candles we light in winter, and the candles of the angel chimes that tell us that Christmas is coming. On Sundays, … Continue reading

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