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The Minority Parable

I am in the minority at my church. I sit on the left side of the main aisle at the 8 o’clock service, while most of that tiny congregation chooses the right hand side. We sit facing each other at … Continue reading

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Winter Tryst

Slipping into gurgling water I lean back And bathe in starlight From a velvet blanket sky. Caressed by steam Eyes close. Aches and cares dissolve. When time resumes I smile to see The stars are still there.

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Death Awaits

I like reading Terry Pratchett. He has lots of interesting characters, funny dialog and perspectives on the mundane, set in a world full of magic and fantasy. When I need a pick-me-up escape kind of book, I reach for Terry … Continue reading

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Falling Down, Getting Up

I fell down, hard. I didn’t like being there, on my hands and knees. I didn’t like the loud womp that my fall had made, sending my family running from all corners of the house. I didn’t like the pain … Continue reading

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Deadline: A Vignette

Scene 1: A young page runs into a palace courtyard shouting, “The Queen! The Queen! There’s been a terrible accident!” His voice carries through an open window, where a middle-aged man in elegant robes sits, writing. He turns his head, … Continue reading

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A Lesson from Your Tastebuds

Ever tried a new restaurant with a favorite dish on the menu, and been disappointed? You’re all set to enjoy a new take on that old favorite, you take a bite, and … bummer. It’s not the same. It’s not … Continue reading

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Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed

Where do you connect with God? Is it church? Is it a small bible study group? Is it meditation or prayer? Is God there every time? What if the readings didn’t speak to you? What if your prayer or meditation … Continue reading

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