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Winter Tryst

Slipping into gurgling water I lean back And bathe in starlight From a velvet blanket sky. Caressed by steam Eyes close. Aches and cares dissolve. When time resumes I smile to see The stars are still there.

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Death Awaits

I like reading Terry Pratchett. He has lots of interesting characters, funny dialog and perspectives on the mundane, set in a world full of magic and fantasy. When I need a pick-me-up escape kind of book, I reach for Terry … Continue reading

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Falling Down, Getting Up

I fell down, hard. I didn’t like being there, on my hands and knees. I didn’t like the loud womp that my fall had made, sending my family running from all corners of the house. I didn’t like the pain … Continue reading

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Deadline: A Vignette

Scene 1: A young page runs into a palace courtyard shouting, “The Queen! The Queen! There’s been a terrible accident!” His voice carries through an open window, where a middle-aged man in elegant robes sits, writing. He turns his head, … Continue reading

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A Lesson from Your Tastebuds

Ever tried a new restaurant with a favorite dish on the menu, and been disappointed? You’re all set to enjoy a new take on that old favorite, you take a bite, and … bummer. It’s not the same. It’s not … Continue reading

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Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed

Where do you connect with God? Is it church? Is it a small bible study group? Is it meditation or prayer? Is God there every time? What if the readings didn’t speak to you? What if your prayer or meditation … Continue reading

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Here and Now

What are you missing? C’mon, admit it. You’re in that meeting. You’re sitting in church. You’re riding in the car with someone else. Somebody else is talking, and you’ve tuned them out. Maybe not on purpose. Maybe for only a … Continue reading

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