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Is this all there is?

Sitting on the bench in the Japanese garden, I was asked by a couple walking by, “Is this all there is?” I answered aloud, “Yes,” and silently, “Isn’t this enough?” Two acres of carefully designed and cared for garden on … Continue reading

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I am a Time Traveler

Yes, I am a time traveler. Picking a slice of history wasn’t easy, but a front row seat to the beginning of the technological age was irresistible.  I’m seeing personal computers, video, entertainment and communications evolve from clunky prototypes  into … Continue reading

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Souvenir from Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor memorial was moving.  The story was familiar, but the images were still intense.  My daughter didn’t want to go to Pearl Harbor.  “But you need to see it.  It’s an important part of history.”  “I know the … Continue reading

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Postcard from the Lake

The peaceful water A silken mirror Invites me out To paddle silently In the heat of summer Late afternoon. So still Before the storm Breaks the glass. To my daddy, Bob Maxwell, for Father’s Day, 2013.

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Spring Dreams

We leave home Lady Banksiae exploding yellow Tulips sing with daffodils Green kisses the tips of the ginkgo. We drive through mountains Seas of yellow scotch broom Red madrones in white mantillas Maples giggling in green feathers. We board our … Continue reading

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Wheelie bins and wildflowers

Point A to Point B. Get in the car, drive, get out. Day in, day out. This morning seemed no different. I got in the car, and headed in to work. Point A to Point B. Same ol’, same ol’. … Continue reading

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Through the Fog

Driving through the fog is an act of faith. When you’re familiar with the road, it doesn’t take much faith. You have to slow down a bit, and be prepared in case of sudden brake lights. But when the fog … Continue reading

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