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Summer Sundays in the Airport

I wonder how many people pray in the Atlanta airport subway on a daily basis? I was one of them a few Sundays ago. My connection was already boarding at gate T01 when I arrive in C46, scheduled to leave … Continue reading

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Ten Bucks Can Buy Happiness

Okay, maybe not long-term happiness, but a few hours respite from the cares of the world. Last weekend, I boarded plane for a cross-country on American Airlines. Maybe I’d get a little shut-eye after my usual stint of journal-writing. But … Continue reading

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Laughing Gas

I learned how to turn off the gas at the meter shortly after I bought my first house in California. It’s an earthquake safety thing. My husband already knew how to turn off the gas when I met him – … Continue reading

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Call Me When You Get Out of the Ride

Our family vacations to Disney World are great snapshots of mobile communication technology. We used to use little family radio walkie talkies at Disney World, but was hard to find a free channel sometimes. Then new models came out, with … Continue reading

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Real Magic

I witnessed some of that famous “Disney magic” at Disney World this past week. One cast member picked my daughter to wave a big checkered flag at the speedway. As we exited the park one afternoon wearing our Mickey Mouse … Continue reading

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Flying Isn’t What It Used To Be

There were a lot of tired, disappointed people in the Denver airport the Friday night before Father’s Day. Tornados around Chicago had wrought an itinerary nightmare of the sort normally reserved for winter’s snowstorms. “Flying sure isn’t what it used … Continue reading

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Nouveau Vu

Sometimes the lens of my mind swivels around and shows me something new. Not really new, but nouveau. Something that was there the whole time, but somehow, unnoticed. It happened twice this week during The Commute. The new growth on … Continue reading

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