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Meditation Talks – An Introduction

In summer 2016, I joined the leadership team of a Christian meditation group that I attend regularly on Saturday mornings, upon invitation by Tom Lehmkuhl. Tom was a founding member of the group and is a Benedictine oblate with a … Continue reading

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Ignoring the video

Been to a restaurant lately with TVs up on the walls?  Even if the sound is off, you and your companions are constantly distracted by the flashing colors and images. Conversation that might build the relationship is instead difficult to maintain, as … Continue reading

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The Temple and the Beast

Ever seen light shooting out of your fingers?  Me, neither.  But do you remember when the Beast’s fingers did that, as his curse was being lifted?  Inside that beast was a human being.  It’s a pretty good visual for being … Continue reading

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Sweetness on the Side

I remember my first taste of pure maple syrup. I was on a brunch date as an undergrad, at the Basil Pot in Columbia, South Carolina. I remember I ran out of syrup, and had to ask for more. Did … Continue reading

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No Fly Zone

It’s See You at the Pole day, an international prayer event started back in the 90’s, where students pray at the flagpoles at their schools. It’s a thought-provoking event, on many levels. You might think about how this event relates … Continue reading

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Hangin’ with God

God is unknowable. But when you believe, when you invite God into your life, He is present. He is your companion, in the best and worst of times. Like a really good friend. Hangin’ with God is way cool. You … Continue reading

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