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Pokémon Wisdom

Ever watched a Pokémon show? Maybe you know someone who has a Pokémon card collection, or plays the Pokémon games on Nintendo? The TV show is a lighthearted adventure, with a group of kids and their Pokémon (non-human companions with … Continue reading

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The Thank You Note

“Do you remember your baptism?” the sermon began. Like many of you, I was a baby, and I do not. “Do you remember the five promises made by you, or on your behalf, at baptism?” I thought I recalled something … Continue reading

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Penguin Games

I found myself escaping into Club Penguin for an inordinate amount of time over the last few days.  It’s the new game — Snow Card-Jitsu.   In the basic level, three penguins (yourself included) go for multiple rounds against up to … Continue reading

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Lantern Carrier’s Lament

I’m standing on a path in the darkness, holding up a lantern so that others on the path can see a little better and perhaps not stumble as they move from one place to the next. My light only reaches … Continue reading

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Office Generosity

Ever stopped to think about the everyday gifts from your colleagues?  Yes, cards and wine and flowers are appreciated, but it’s the everyday gifts that make a big difference. Cheerful greetings and thank yous lift your mood, and inspire you … Continue reading

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Being Nice When They’re Not

I have to deal with some rude people in my line of work. They’re demanding. They want special treatment. They want extra explanations. “Please”, “thank you”, and “I know this is extra work for you but…” just aren’t the way … Continue reading

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Ballroom for Business

Did you take ballroom dancing when you were growing up? Have you thought about how those lessons prepared you for corporate life? In business, one of the key lessons for you as an employee is to follow the lead of … Continue reading

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