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Good Friday 2012 – A Working Mom’s Testimony

My pastor asked me and six other parishioners to speak at the Good Friday service. Each of us got to choose a portion of Jesus’ final words on the cross, as described in the gospel of John. Here is the … Continue reading

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When Real Life Mugs You

I took up t’ai chi this fall, for a lot of reasons. It appealed to me on for its mental and its physical aspects. But I didn’t know how helpful it would be in Real Life. You see, in Real … Continue reading

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Deadline: A Vignette

Scene 1: A young page runs into a palace courtyard shouting, “The Queen! The Queen! There’s been a terrible accident!” His voice carries through an open window, where a middle-aged man in elegant robes sits, writing. He turns his head, … Continue reading

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A Lesson from Your Tastebuds

Ever tried a new restaurant with a favorite dish on the menu, and been disappointed? You’re all set to enjoy a new take on that old favorite, you take a bite, and … bummer. It’s not the same. It’s not … Continue reading

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“You Can’t Argue With Success”

I hear those words most often in the office nowadays, as colleagues from my former company adjust to the acquisition. When we are most frustrated, we remind ourselves of the endless rounds of layoffs before we were bought, and the … Continue reading

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Ancient Advice for Reorg Anxiety

Reorgs can be hard. The nice part is that you have a job, maybe something new and exciting. The hard part is that you have a new manager, with a new personality and new expectations. Getting used to a new … Continue reading

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Don’t Come to Me With Problems

If you’re having a bad day already, you might skip this one. I was forwarded an article from the National Review, Two Californias, by Victor Davis Hanson. Read it if you like, but let me summarize the basic formula: “This … Continue reading

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