Facebook in the Election Season

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts that portray Republicans unkindly. (Guilty as charged.) However, I think that we all need to remember:  not all Republicans voted in their primaries for the Republicans who now hold office.  And not all Republicans are okay with what the current administration and Congressional majorities have been doing at the national level.

As we approach the elections this fall, the temptation to pass along clever political memes and opinion posts will only grow stronger.  If we can choose what we pass along, and maybe spend a minute to introduce the angrier ones, as if we are sending it to someone from the other side, we might reach across the aisle, to the like-minded in other political parties.

Let us spend a little time in coming months – not on a crusade to wipe out or demonize the opposition, but in a campaign to encourage the folks who feel under-represented by their political party to get out and vote.  If we want the parties to be less antagonistic, and more respectful of each other, while still disagreeing with each other, perhaps we need to show them how it’s done.

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