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A Life of Poetry

What’s the first poem that you remember hearing? Not a nursery rhyme, but a “real” poem, written by a named poet. For me, it could have been Odgen Nash’s Tale of Custard the Dragon, that I remember my mother reading: … Continue reading

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Keeping In Touch

It’s great having family and friends spread out — you get to see and do lots of interesting things when you go for a visit.  This trip we’ve been ice skating outdoors, visited a big coal mine, enjoyed a pantomime … Continue reading

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Go Home!

Take your hands away from the keyboard. Close that laptop. And go home. Yes, I know, you love your work. And yes, there will be times when you work until the wee hours to finish something that’s really important, or … Continue reading

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Saints and Heroes

My child knows about superheroes, but doesn’t know about saints. I know some European saints, but would be hardpressed to name any European heroes other than Beowulf. Or Indian gods other than Krishna. How limited our cultural understanding is, when … Continue reading

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