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Ignoring the video

Been to a restaurant lately with TVs up on the walls?  Even if the sound is off, you and your companions are constantly distracted by the flashing colors and images. Conversation that might build the relationship is instead difficult to maintain, as … Continue reading

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The Minority Parable

I am in the minority at my church. I sit on the left side of the main aisle at the 8 o’clock service, while most of that tiny congregation chooses the right hand side. We sit facing each other at … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible

In “I Don’t Believe You” , I said that you need some additional scholarship or doctrinal interpretation to use The Bible as an Authority. Imagine my delight this evening, when I found one of my favorite bloggers, A Guy in … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe You

I don’t believe you. You don’t like hearing those words. Nobody does. You want to be believed. You want me to come to the same conclusions you have, to do whatever it is you think is best. So you need … Continue reading

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